Extra-Curricular Activities


For the past 20 years, the deaf students and adults of Bohol have united for a special weekend of fellowship, food, fun called DEAF FESTIVAL. Last year, BDA hosted the event. As always, the International Deaf Education Association, or IDEA, has coordinated with special educators and support staff to hold the only all-signing fiesta on Bohol. Here are a few pictures from previous Deaf Festivals.

Presentation During Deaf Festival


In 2008, BDA established a sign language club with our neighbor, Mansasa High School. Each week, a group of BDA student and MHS students meet to organize community development projects, enjoy fellowship, and most of all, teach and learn sign language! BDA is grateful to MHS’s principal and staff for the opportunity to increase the friendship of deaf and hearing cultures in Bohol.


Each summer, a handful of motivated BDA students apply for summer jobs with Garden Café, SureCatch Fishing Products, IDEA Philippines, and the Dao Diamond Hotel. Students gain experience in construction, hotel, restaurant, and manufacturing areas, as well as money to help support themselves and their families.



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