Dorm Life

Residential life at BDA is hard-working fun. Students are taught a sense of responsibility for, and pride in the well-being of BDA’s beautiful campus. These values come from daily chores, good personal habits, and guidance from dorm parents and student leaders. Outside of class, campus life is a combination of chores, studying, and fellowship.


Cook and Prepare Food, Washing Dishes, Kitchen Cleaning, Classroom cleaning, CR Cleaning, Plant watering, Clean school campus (lawns, pathways, basketball court), washing clothes


Cleaning, Cooking


Chatting, playing games


The students are given time to study after dinner up until 9:00 pm.

Going Home:

BDA students return to their hometowns every other weekend. For a few requires an easy 15-minute bus ride, but for most, going home takes hours on often cramped and dusty buses riding over narrow barrio roads—and it’s worth it. BDA understands to the critical bonds between family members, and we encourage parental involvement through home visits, PTA meetings, and free summer sign language seminars. Home visits also give our dorm parents a much deserved rest!




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